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Citadel Steam Free Weekend Event!

Runs from February 3 to February 8

With the latest expansion Balarok's Revenge: The Spirits of Umbrus, we wanted to do something for the community. Thank you all for waiting patiently for this next chapter, and enjoy an extra-long weekend on us! Call all your friends, family, wizards, mages, warlocks, magical frogs, toads, cats and more and explore the magic Ignus has to offer. This weekend you can hop into Citadel and start your very own adventure free until February 8!

Can’t wait to try out the new map? We got you covered! Skip the grind with our freebuild servers that will auto level your character to 60, and our very fast-reset servers will also auto level you to 60.

Check out our auto-level servers:

  • Highrun(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-Reset)

  • CrystalBay(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-Reset)

  • Raventusk(OfficialEurope-Freebuild)

  • Grimhilder(OfficialEurope-Freebuild)

  • Crystal(OfficialUSEast-Freebuild)

  • Kuulstand(OfficialUSEast-Freebuild)

  • Gardum(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-Reset)

  • Ilias(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-Reset)

  • Parasim(OfficialUSWest-Freebuild)

  • Jata(OfficialUSWest-Freebuild)

That’s not all! We have implemented some new servers which have throne range restrictions, allowing for PVP and PVE raiding to be more fair and balanced under server construction limit restrictions. Be sure to enter these servers if you’re looking to play in an environment less likely to hit server build limits.

Look for the new 100mThrone Range servers:

  • EnlightenedEscape(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Runemote(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • DendriticGrove(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • PrismaticStone(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • TheGrotto(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Umbrusite(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • EtherealShrine(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • ShadowWood(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Kashykoy(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Balarok(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Sporewood(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Spiritholme(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Orcus(OfficialAU-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

  • Evren(OfficialAU-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)

Now is the perfect time to try your hands at a new source of magic and we’ll see you in the sky magical folks.

Today we have also implemented a hot fix covering the following:

  • Large health properly fits in the name box

  • Adjustments have been made to some Umbrus caves to prevent various cheesing

  • Umbrus materials have spell ingredient modifiers with descriptions

  • Updated enlightened stone description for more clarity

  • Fixed an exploit where turrets would not despawn in safe zones

  • Fixed unattenuated turret sound on listen

  • Fixed hole in rocks

  • Improved stability and fixed various reported crashes



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