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Citadel Fall 2020 Roadmap

Hello Wizards, Mages and Magical Folks of Citadel,

As summer is wrapping up here Citadel is still ablaze with new content sprouting out just around the corner. Hold onto your wands, we’re breaking into the unknown!

All New Content Coming to Citadel

Discover A Brand New World: It’s been rumoured of a far off land similar to our own, calling for the bravest wizards and mages to traverse this unknown world seeping in mystery. What we know about Ignus just may be flipped upside down as rules here have no boundaries, stay tuned.

New Tames & Creature Storage: Strange sightings have been recorded about menacing creatures roaming all throughout the land. There’s been no sign of these creatures being native to Ignus, please exert caution while encountering these strange beasts. With new reports of tamable creatures, we’re happy to say the more the merrier! There will now be a special way for tames to be stored for players to summon at their own will.

New Mastery Level Structures: More Mastery Level structures are coming to help high-level wizards.

All New Essence: Brush out those wands and sharpen your spell books because an all-new essence will soon be debuting in Citadel. A big thank you to all the community support bringing this essence to life.

More yet to Come!

There is more to come down the line including new daily quests, and as we get closer to launching the new content we will roll out more information regarding these features. As always thank you to the community for all the support and help, we’re always taking in your feedback and suggestions. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy at home. See you again soon Wizards.

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