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Citadel: Forged with Fire - Balarok's Revenge: The Spirits of Umbrus Expansion

The wait is nearly over. The next chapter Balarok's Revenge: The Spirits of Umbrus brings a brand new world to explore is on its way to being discovered on PC February 3!

Get ready magical folks, the time is near and the next adventure awaits its hero!

That's not all, we'll be holding a Steam Free Weekend event on launch day, from February 3rd until Feb 8th. Enjoy a free weekend on us and conjure your inner magic and become your own Wizard or Mage and set off in the mystifying world of Ignus.

For our console players, you will be receiving this update along with the Barklok Reward update in 3-4 weeks' time after the PC release. Stay tuned as we release more information during the upcoming weeks.

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