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Citadel Winter Update

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Hello Wizards, Mages and Magical Folks of Ignus!

The wait is nearly over, Citadel’s massive expansions coming to the base Citadel game this Winter season! In this update, players will traverse a completely new area oozing with ominous powers, unlike anything you’ve encountered before. Be sure you’ve sharpened your magical skills before making your way into the new dimension!

We’ve received a lot of questions about how the new world will function within Citadel and we’re here today answering a few of those questions.

How will you get to this new world?

MAGIC! This is Citadel after all, what would we do without the magical forces that make Ignus such a mystical place? There will be a location where players will be able to harness immense powers that will allow them to teleport to this new world.

What’s in this new area?

EVERYTHING! Throw everything you know about Ignus out the castle window. Powerful magic is afoot turning everything on its head. Not a stone, tree, vegetation or creature has been seen before entering this world. You may be the first to identify a brand new beast. Beware.

Will we need to start over in this area?

That is a very big NO! In fact this update is to enhance player’s experience in Citadel, offering brand new quests, activities, structures, etc. There is much more in this expansion for new and senior magical folks.

That’s not all. We want to get you excited about one major update that has been requested by the community: Creature Storage! We heard your pleas for a way to increase the amount of tames and with the new summoning essence making its debut, we thought this would be the best time to implement the new feature!

All of these massive new features are coming to Citadel as a free DLC. This update is taking a little longer than planned however it’s to ensure that our players receive the best experience possible. That being said there is a lot more planned out that we haven’t shared just yet with you - a surprise is always more fun when you least expect it. Please look forward to the next update launching this winter! Stay tuned as we get closer to launching all this new content and releasing more information about what’s to come. As always please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. See you in Ignus soon!

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