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Console Update! Citadel: Forged with Fire Godking’s Vengeance Part-Two

Hello Wizards,

Thank you for waiting while we worked on the console version of The Godking’s Vengeance part-two. An entirely free expansion that extends the base Citadel game. Today’s huge new update features an epic concluding storyline, a mutant world spawner event, new trinket abilities, emotes, new creatures and LOADS more!

New Content

New 4th Dungeon

An all-new dungeon has been uncovered! It’s quite evident that a dark evil is at foot; hidden deep in the heart of Ignus, a crypt riddled in the dark arts holds a dangerous secret. Covered in grainy ash, this area appears to be completely in despair. With the immersion of this new crypt, your land and all of Ignus' very existence is now threatened. Heroes must take caution while entering this dimension in order to vanquish this new threat!

Horrifying New Monster: Cultists

Wizards you must be on high alert, we've received reports of a horrifying creature looming in the shadows. This horrifying monstrosity has been hiding dormant within Ignus waiting for the perfect moment to strike! Take caution when challenging this creature; they will not go down easily, however, you will be rewarded handsomely for your victory.

Mastery Level Quests & Daily Quests:

Embark on a brand new quest! Gembok has heard of a new development regarding an ancient evil that has awakened deep within the heart of Ignus. A horrifying dimension has emerged and has mutated a gruesome enemy bent to wreak havoc. Set out to seek knowledge of the impending danger from a new adversary well versed in the dark arts. Only the bravest heroes can take on this foe, Gembok holds the knowledge of this mysterious evil lying dormant in the Crystal Caves.

Mutant World Spawner Event

With all this paranormal activity going on, it’s no surprise a vicious mutation has made its way amongst the wild beasts that roam the land. These mutated monstrosities are far more powerful and much bigger than their counterparts. Team up and take on these boss-level creatures, those who come out victorious will be rewarded with the greatest treasures!

Express Yourself

You can now dance the night away. 🎶 Introducing emotes to Citadel! Strike a pose or taunt your enemy with your stellar dance moves.

Strike a Pose!

Armoured Saddles

Time to saddle up those tames! Adding some extra protection to your favourite tames with the new armoured saddle series.

Update to Trinkets

Two are better than one! You now have the ability to set two trinkets active at once.

Take to the sky as you fly throughout the world while keeping your mana rings activated.

Game Enhancements

  • You can now hold E to close all doors, which we have it on good authority that this will be highly beneficial to PvP servers

  • You will now find signs throughout Ignus, make sure to check out any messages that may be displayed, they could prove quite helpful

  • There is now the option for hosts to configure what level players begin at. Add [/Script/Citadel.CitadelGameInstance] AutoLevelNewPlayers=-1 in game.ini  set -1 to whatever you want players to be levelled and if they are less than that number, they'll be auto levelled.

  • Player now have the option to build fast track portals

  • Tiered world loot spawns have now be implemented

Balance and Gameplay Adjustments

  • Text chat is now active and available, previously it was voip only

  • There are now 3-tiers of mana deflection for the obelisk of protection and warding obelisk, based on upgrade level

  • Adjusted egg recipe

  • Collision is now disabled on open door meshes, allowing easier player and NPC navigation

  • Doubled regeneration speeds for starting-town health and mana pools

  • Tripled regeneration speeds for environmental health and mana pools

  • Aligning sacrifice spell energy with atonement, for 3x cast duration

  • Hierarchical recipe tweaks for tier 2 arcane and fire turrets

  • Adjusted recipe of nexus stone

  • Multiple tweaks to crypt boss combat systems

  • Flight trinket mana costs have been tweaked to provide balance for the new 2-trinket system (players without a mana regeneration trinket will notice slightly more expensive flight costs, players with a mana regeneration trinket will notice slightly reduced flight costs)

  • Flight trinkets now have a chance to roll the extra mana stat

  • Improved values for cooldown reduction stat: wands will see the largest overall boost

  • Minor tweaks to crit bonus damage, crit chance, and extra damage stats

Aesthetic Adjustments

  • Removed useless gender icon from tamed NPCs

  • Improved waterfall mist performance

  • Fixes for quest text

  • Improved the mesh-popping effect for extracted resources

  • Large mana generator range now properly aligned to visual effects

  • Players can now no longer build on fast travel tower helix structure

  • New banners have been added, be sure to check them out who knows your favourite streamer may appear

Thank you wonderful wizards, we really hope you enjoy this update! As always, please let us know your thoughts and feedback. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy at home and we’ll see you in Ignus real soon!

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