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Imagination Beyond Limits: Building Contest

Calling all Mages, Wizards and magical beings of Ignus, we have a new community event for all of you! Starting July 5th, we are hosting a new magical building contest to see all your amazing creative builds in Citadel. And of course, to make this magical competition a bit more spicy we've added some prizes for the most creative builds. Please check out the rules below! ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶


  • The top three builds will receive one gift card (for their prefered system: Steam/Xbox/PS4)*

First Place: $100

Second Place: $75

Third Place: $50

  • 3 Runner up gift cards of $25

  • All participants who finish their builds and submit them will have their logo/emblem in-game**


Building starts on July 5 and will run until July 23, entries must be submitted by July 25, anything after that will not be counted.

Community judging will take place between July 26 - 28, winners will be announced on July 30th.


  1. Players are encouraged to use the PVE Free build servers to ensure they have unlimited resources and start at max level to build

  2. Builds can be done as a team or as a single player (please let us know before building how many are on your team, prizes will be adjusted for teams)

  3. Players are free to build anything they like, but will need to keep in mind that builds must be appropriate and adhere to Blue Isle Studios community guidelines (do not be crude)

  4. You're not limited to creating a castle, the possibilities are endless

  5. Please join the community-run Discord to ensure your community and yourself can vote for the winning builds! Discord:


Send us an email: with the title: Citadel Building Contest Entry and tell us the following:

  • Your In-Game Name:

  • What server you're building on:

  • If you're building alone or with others:


The community can vote for their top favourite builds, the most popular three builds will then be judged by the Blue Isle Studios team to determine the top three spots.

  1. Players will be judged on how creative the build is, if dialogue is needed to help explain the build please be sure to include that in your entry

  2. All entities will be posted in the Community run Discord for players to vote on their favourite entries

  3. Social media can be used to help promote your build and encourage your community to join in

  4. Players are allowed to use anything in-game (without breaking any rules) to build their structure, be as creative as possible

* If players enter in groups the prices will be split distributed between the group members

** Logos/emblems will need to be 2-tones to be submitted in-game. They will be added into the PC build only at this time.

Prizes are in Canadian Dollars

Content Creators

Any content creators looking to help take part in this event by streaming the building process or creating Citadel content please send us an email and we'll be able to hook you up with some goodies for your stream. ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉

Anyone looking to share their build process please be sure to tag us on Twitter @playCitadel / Facebook @playCitadelgame or on Instagram @blueislestudios



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