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It is Halloween - Everybody let us Hear you Scream!

Trick-or-Treat Event & Building Contest for the Halloween Season!

That’s right, everybody make a scream! ‘Trick-or-Treat’ is what you ask for a delicious treat, have you been naughty or are you in for something sweet? Starting October 7th there will be some Trick-or-Treat locations throughout the servers with designated Gifting Ghouls giving out some in-game rewards.

These give events are limited to each Friday throughout October (Oct 7, 14, 21, 28)

Current list of servers participating in the event:


  • Lythyk(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast) - Sels Basilisk(OfficialEurope-VeryFast) - Ramonized on Map

  • Gort(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast) - Myst

  • Batlshyne(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast) - Martris

  • Kalim(OfficialAsia-VeryFast) - moyu

  • Elundriel(OfficialUSEast-Normal) - Kiti

  • Pallus(OfficialAU-Normal) - Volas

  • Kanus(OfficialAU-VeryFast)- Volas

  • Elundriel(OfficialUSEast-Normal) - Poet

  • Grimstone(OfficialEurope-VeryFast) - Poet


  • BrinkbreakX(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast) - Ramonized on Map

  • SilphX(OfficialEurope-Fast) - Ramonized on Map

  • UmbrusiteX(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange) - NOTWPython


  • Grimstone-(OfficialEurope-VeryFast) - Ramonized on Map

  • ShadowWood-(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange) - Ramonized on Map


If you’re one of our lucky ones, you’ll be given out a Halloween-themed item or Halloween-themed candy treat by one of our Gifting Ghouls. If you do not receive an item on your first attempt, be sure to test your luck the next chance you get.

[List of participating items]

  • Orc Mask

  • Ichabod's Brain

  • Candy Treats

Unofficial Servers Spawn Commands

For our Un-Official servers who would like to spread some Halloween cheer for their community below is the spawn list for the Halloween items. Have fun and I hope you all enjoy these spooky items!

Item Name


Sweet Crowberry Gum

/giveitem 671

Sugar Sprite Stickets

/giveitem 672

Chocolate Kaltbitur Crisp

/giveitem 673

Chocolate Buffalo Chips

/giveitem 674

Grey Ghost Shroud

/giveitem 675

Banquo's Shroud

/giveitem 676

Yaoguai's Shroud

/giveitem 677


/giveitem 678

Ichabod's Brain

/giveitem 679

Orc Mask

/giveitem 680

Abominasion Mask

/giveitem 681

Hocus Pokus! Spooky Building Contest

Dear Magical Folks of Citadel,

This is the time we’ve all been waiting for, as the darkness draws closer with each day the moon is growing and the spooky feelings are lingering. We’re hosting a building contest for all of our creators out there. Nothing brings out the creepy crawlies like a well-dressed castle full of tricks and maybe even a few treats.

We’re hosting a Halloween-inspired building contest that’ll be held from Oct 3 - Oct 31. You have all the time to create one or as many entries as possible during this time frame. We encourage you to build with a team to create something awfully spooky, however, both solo or team-builders are welcome to participate. We have the details listed below:


You have from October 3rd to October 31st so submit your Halloween-themed builds


There will be two top winners:

  1. One will be crowned the winner from our dev team

  2. Second winner will be chosen by the community (the top five builds will be chosen from the dev team and will be up for vote by the community to crown the winner)

For the two winners (Dev team + Community vote) will receive the following in-game items:

  1. Banquo's Shroud

  2. Icabod Brain

  3. Sweet Crowberry Gum x 100

  4. Sugar Sprite Stickets x 100

  5. Chocolate Kaltbitur Crisp x 100

  6. Chocolate Buffalo Chips x 100 + Participation prizes as well

Participation rewards for ALL participants:

  1. Abominasion Mask

  2. Both ghost skins (white and red)

  3. Sweet Crowberry Gum x 50

  4. Sugar Sprite Stickets x 50

  1. You may build alone or within a team

  2. You’re welcome to build on any server, but we encourage PVE servers as we can not provide protection if people choose to participate in PVP servers.

    1. That being said if you choose to build on a PVE server but want your reward to go onto a PVP server we can make those arrangements

  3. This contest is open to both PC and Console players

  4. If you’re building with a team your whole team will be awarded all the in-game item prizes

  5. Players are free to build anything they like, but will need to keep in mind that builds must be appropriate and adhere to Blue Isle Studios community guidelines (do not be crude)

  6. You’re not limited to creating a castle, the possibilities are endless

  7. You must submit your build no later than Oct 31st 11:59pm EST to be considered

  1. Email:

  2. Include the following information:

    1. Subject: Hocus Pokus! Spooky Building Contest

    2. Please provide us with your in-game name, the server you’re playing on, and the platform you’re playing (PC, Playstation, Xbox)

    3. Please include screenshots, videos, text, anything you’d like to include about your Halloween build(s)

    4. Include if you’re building solo or on a team (if building on a team please include your team members)

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