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Now Live on PS4 & Xbox One! Balarok's Revenge: The Spirits of Umbrus

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Hello Wizards, Mages and all magical beings of Ignus.

The next epic chapter in Citadel’s history has made its debut to the core game on PS4 and Xbox One! New mysteries will be revealed in every corner of the land, and perhaps you may find yourself in a completely new realm unlike you’ve ever seen. That’s not all, we’ve also included the Barklock Rewards and quality of life updates.

Brand New World

Reports have been discovered, various individuals with the utmost highest intellect have been studying these mysteries surrounding the Cultists and their summoning mechanics. They have uncovered a new method to access these unknown realms; err on the side of caution, as a great concentration of unimaginable evil awaits on the other end. Only the mightiest magic users will be powerful enough to defeat the evil therein. You can find the teleporter in HealthClyffe.

Community Voted Essence

You asked - we deliver. The next order of magical essence that’s found its way into Citadel and was voted in by you! Cast your eyes on these brand new spells you’ll need to master:

  • Summon Aggressive: based on the caster's strength, summons a mystical combat ally

  • Summon Mount: based on the caster's strength, summons a mystical rideable creature

  • Summon Followers: instantly summons all tamed creatures who are set to "follow" to the caster's location

  • Summon Party: instantly summons all players in the caster's party to the caster's location

  • Reanimate: cast at a fresh corpse to bring life back to the deceased creature

  • Summon Turret: summon a turret at the impact location to automatically fight nearby enemies

New Tames

You can’t introduce a new summoning essence without brand new creatures to tame. Keep a sharp eye out for new creatures you can accompany you in your journey throughout Ignus. Wizards and Mages, how many new creatures will you capture?

The Grotto of Evil: All New Dungeon

Traverse this dungeon with caution, fierce creatures await to test one's fate, but all will be worth the gruelling challenge for the riches and glory rewards waiting at the end. Only for the strongest wizards and mages can you tackle The Grotto of Evil.

Brand New Mastery Level Structures

  • Tame Container: allows players to store many tamed creatures and while powered, it will ensure creature’s tame time does not decay

  • Tame Trough: when powered, automatically increases the tame time of nearby tamed creatures

  • Storm Turret: a short-range turret that damages multiple enemies

New Quest, Epic New Gear And More!

  • Brand new questline

  • New top-tier armour set

  • Two new top-tier weapons

  • New cooking recipes

  • New wild & tameable creatures

Balance and Gameplay Adjustments

  • Improved reliability of rift spawns

  • Improved reliability of NPC spawns

  • Remove durability stat from Amulet of Champions

  • Fixed Deathweaver's soul siphon spell

  • Updated lootbag, after 15 minutes your loot bag is teleported to your nexus, it will prompt you periodically and stay there for an hour

  • Increased time it takes for phoenix bosses to cast tornado (allowing easier escape)

  • Doubled opening speed for cultist dungeon doors

  • Adjusted collision of back door of Evren's cage for less griefing

  • Complete overhaul of atonement spell to make it exactly like sacrifice spell, but for healing

  • 50% faster conversion rates for atonement and sacrifice

  • More appropriate obelisk of access recipe and mana costs

  • Friendly players can use obelisk of access

  • Increased non-flying NPC projectile ranges by ~50% to combat griefing

  • Reduced NPC time-to-flee in combat to reduce griefing

  • Various minor adjustments to boss NPC spell ranges

  • Created and implemented flight-trinket specific stat curves for more reliable stat rolls

  • Minor buffs to Balarok and Gembok trinkets

  • Small chance of frostwood on tundra trees

  • Remove durability stat from Amulet of Champions

  • Updated tame trough awarded tame time, clamped to max tame time

  • Arcane Step banned in boss caves

  • Adjustments have been made to some Umbrus caves to prevent various cheesing

  • Umbrus materials have spell ingredient modifiers with descriptions

Aesthetic Adjustments

  • Fixed many accessible holes in rocks

  • Better tiling for fast-travel tower shield material

  • Updated some inconsistent magic structure sounds

  • Fixes for some out-of-bounds warnings in amethyst geodes

  • Improved icons for various items and structures

  • Tweaked effects for throne and obelisk of access

  • Improved notification sounds for rift and mutant spawns

  • Fix for rogue water volume in the tundra

  • Better tiling for fast-travel tower shield material

  • Throne now has and displays correct mana amounts

  • Updated enlightened stone description for more clarity

  • Updated unattenuated turret sound on listen

  • Added dyeable regions for newer weapons

Programming Adjustments

  • Improved chat filter

  • Improved reliability of doors spawning when streaming in structures

  • Improved server performance

  • Reduced client performance when being hit by many tower projectiles

  • Improved reliability of rift spawns

  • Improved reliability of NPC spawns

  • Server performance improvements

  • Stability improvements

  • Obelisk of access now no longer functions when out of mana

  • Optimized replication property compares for thrones

  • Prevent adding a tame unless you have a tame in the list (duplication fix)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where npcs would respawn too quickly after clearing caves and camps

  • Fixed a bug where ping was not being properly sorted on button press

  • Fixed deathweaver's soul siphon spell

  • Fixed boss flees in Umbrus

  • Misc fixes for some cave mesh issues

  • Fixed tamed NPCs not being interactable on custom servers

  • Fixed bug where summoner essence did not properly disappear when harvested

  • Fixed daily quests could be exploited bug

  • Fixed an exploit where turrets would not despawn in safe zones

  • Fixed various reported crashes

  • Fixed the issue where stairs could become undeletable

  • Fixed an issue with the delete confirmation not working on non-replicated structures

  • Fixed bug where party members couldn't be seen on the map while riding mounts

  • Fixed the issue where dungeon treasure was not properly clearing after a run

  • Fixed the bug where doors and windows would sometimes not stream in properly on structures

  • Fixed a bug with where saddles were not reclaimable from dead tames

  • Fixed an issue where removing a saddle would not update the mount button

  • Fixed a bug where distant respawn stones would not appear on the map

We have implemented some new servers which have throne range restrictions, allowing for PVP and PVE raiding to be more fair and balanced under server construction limit restrictions. Be sure to enter these servers if you’re looking to play in an environment less likely to hit server build limits.

Look for the new 100mThrone Range servers:


  • EnlightenedEscape-(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • Runemote-(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • DendriticGrove-(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • PrismaticStone-(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • TheGrotto-(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • Umbrusite-(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • EtherealShrine-(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • ShadowWood-(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • Sporewood-(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • Spiritholme-(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • Kashykoy-(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • Balarok-(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • Orcus-(OfficialAU-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • Evren-(OfficialAU-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • Freya-(OfficialJapan-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • Nabrok-(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE


  • EnlightenedEscapeX(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • RunemoteX(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • DendriticGroveX(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • PrismaticStoneX(OfficialEurope-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • TheGrottoX(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • UmbrusiteX(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • EtherealShrineX(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • ShadowWoodX(OfficialUSEast-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • SporewoodX(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • SpiritholmeX(OfficialUSWest-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • KashykoyX(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • BalarokX(OfficialAsia-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

  • OrcusX(OfficialAU-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVP

  • EvrenX(OfficialAU-VeryFast-100mThroneRange)PVE

Thanks for your for all your patience and feedback during this update!

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