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Official Server Player Data Upload Guide

Hi Magical Folks, Recently we have shut down a few of our servers across all regions and platforms. For those who would still wish to continue playing on their select server, we have made all removed server data available. We've had a number of players reach out asking for help in this process, so felt best to address that in a post. *Console data will be unable to continue on single player, will require a Gportal server, see below* Server Data Available here: Each folder contains the map data and all player data for the select server. There are a few options for continuing your own server listed below... Gportal Server Hosting

For help with accessing the save data folder for your server head to this link.(Requires a FTP Client) Once in the FTP, you can access the save data folder via Citadel/Saved/SaveGames. Dedicated PC Server Guide (Follow steps in link) Single Player PC

  1. Shut down Citadel

  2. Right click on Citadel in Steam library, select Manage>Browse Local Files.

  3. Follow folder path Citadel/Saved/SaveGames

  4. Drop the contents of the save folder in "SaveGames"

  5. Reboot Citadel

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