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PATCH NOTES - 2020-07-23

Hello Wizards, Mages and Magical Folks!

We appreciate all the feedback and patience while we continue to update Citadel.

We have a few small adjustments and bug fixes we’re implementing in this patch and an update on some rewards for defeating Balarok.

Balarok Rewards

It would seem that Balarok had another trick up his sleeve and had stashed away some precious gear. Upon defeating the horrific Balarok, you may be lucky enough to uncover some epic gear and weapons!

Balance and Gameplay Adjustments

  • Increased time it takes for phoenix bosses to cast tornado (allowing easier escape)

  • Doubled opening speed for cultist dungeon doors

  • Adjusted collision of back door of Evren's cage for less griefing

  • Complete overhaul of atonement spell to make it exactly like sacrifice spell, but for healing

  • 50% faster conversion rates for atonement and sacrifice

  • More appropriate obelisk of access recipe and mana costs

  • Friendly players can use obelisk of access

  • Increased non-flying NPC projectile ranges by ~50% to combat griefing

  • Reduced NPC time-to-flee in combat to reduce griefing

  • Various minor adjustments to boss NPC spell ranges

  • Created and implemented flight-trinket specific stat curves for more reliable stat rolls

  • Minor buffs to Balarok and Gembok trinkets

  • Small chance of frostwood on tundra trees

Aesthetic Adjustments

  • Fixes for some inconsistent magic structure sounds

  • Fixes for some out-of-bounds warnings in amethyst geodes

  • Improved icons for various items and structures

  • Tweaked effects for throne and obelisk of access

  • Improved notification sounds for rift and mutant spawns

  • Fix for rogue water volume in the tundra

  • Misc fixes for some cave mesh issues

Programming Adjustments

  • Throne now has and displays correct mana amounts

  • Obelisk of access now no longer functions when out of mana

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where stairs could become undeletable

  • Fixed bug where party members couldn't be seen on the map while riding mounts

  • Fixed the issue where dungeon treasure was not properly clearing after a run

  • Fixed the bug where doors and windows would sometimes not stream in properly on structures

  • Fixed daily quests could be exploited bug

  • Fixed a bug with where saddles were not reclaimable from dead tames

  • Fixed an issue where removing a saddle would not update the mount button

  • Fixed a bug where distant respawn stones would not appear on the map

There is still lots of work to be done here and we’re working towards an updated road 2020 roadmap. So please look forward to that! Thank you again to all the players who have provided us with feedback and suggestions, we can’t wait to show you what’s in store next!

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