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Patch Notes - 26/03/20 Localization and Bug Fixes

Hello Wizards!

Thank you for your patience as we continue to update Citadel from behind the scenes. We have a few small updates and bug fixes going forward in this patch.


  • Added Japanese Localization

  • Added Traditional Chinese Localization

  • Added translations and language support for quests

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved the server backup system

  • Increased global object limit to support servers with 500k structure limits

  • Fixed Quest objective text size when viewing from the journal

  • Added a command for admins to check out possible mesher locations "/showpossiblemeshers"

  • Fixed a bug with 'Magical Machinations' rewards not fitting the text description

  • Fixed a bug where structures would not decay outside of raid hours

  • Fixed a single-player crash when quitting the game

  • Fixed some situations where NPCs would not spawn on single player

We also want to welcome the new wizards. We’re glad to see new faces in the game, if you’re ever interested in our growing community please check out our Discord. We have active community members to give you a welcoming hand and some great advice!

Citadel Discord:

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