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The Gifting Ghouls of Ignus

We are running a Halloween event the month of October, but we also have some extra goodies to distribute to our servers. We’re looking for some community members to help distribute these gifts with their fellow comrades every Friday.

If this is something you’d like to take part in, we’re running these events between 4-5pm EST every Friday in October (Oct, 7, 14, 21, and 28).

What you need to do:

  1. You will be given some halloween in-game items between the hour of 4-5pm EST (this is when you’ll be given the items, you can distribute them as you see fit/when players are online)

  2. You are responsible for giving these items out to players in the server

  3. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to give these items out at a designated area for trick-or-treaters

  4. If you are a streamer we would greatly encourage you to stream the rewards distribution (optional)


For our helpers we’ll give you each the ‘Red Ghost’ as a reward for distributing these items fairly within your respective servers.

To apply to become a Gifting Ghouls:

  1. Email:

  2. Include the following information:

    1. Subject: Gifting Ghouls Application

    2. Please provide us with your in-game name, the server you’re playing on, and the platform you’re playing (PC, Playstation, Xbox)

    3. (Optional) include if you’d like to build a small trick-or-treat stall to distribute these in-game items

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