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Citadel: Forged With Fire All-Out Warfare Building Contest

Greetings Wizards, Warlocks, Witches, and all magical beings,

It’s great to see you all again! All of our magical folks are invited to take part in a new community event as we move into the latest Citadel sale. This event will help spread more love to the amazing Citadel community by welcoming new and veteran players alike.

Our strongest builders will compete in a spell-binding competition as we enter a new age of magic! With new magical beings trickling into the land of Ignus, we are holding a building contest with a PvP element at the end that pits the most powerful forces against one another.


This event will start out as a PvE event; you’ll be tasked to build up your base for an all-out war happening on the last day. In order to be crowned victorious, you’ll need to acquire and hold the most dragon tames in your tame chest(s) at the end.

For the building contest, you will have from Aug 1 to Aug 7 to make your base, create the most spell-tastic base you can, and we’ll judge the winner at the end of the event. On Aug 8, the server will switch over to PvP and the battle will begin!


  • You may build alone or within a team

  • All players will be auto-leveled to 60 in order to be fair for everyone

  • Everyone will be building on the same server: Citadel: All-Out Warfare Building Contest*

  • This is a PC contest

PvE Winner Creative Build:

  • The winner of the PvE portion will be crowned whoever has the most creative build

PvP Winner Tame Counter:

  • The winner of the PVP contest will be based on how many dragons tames in their tame chest are left in order to crown a winner

    • Infernal Dragon - 3 points

    • Black Dragon - 2 points

    • Flame Dragon - 1 point


Building Start time: August 1 at 11am EST

PVP Start time: August 8 at 11am EST

We’ve set up a server ‘Citadel: All-Out Warfare Building Contest*’ where players are able to start fresh on August 1st to ensure everyone has a fair chance. Players must build within those times in order to qualify.

Phase 1

  • All players will be auto-leveled to 60

  • Starting Aug 1st to 7th the game mode is strictly PvE (building and gathering tames)

    • Your goal is to have as many tames at the end of the PvE session on Aug 7 before switching over to PvP on Aug 8 at 11am EST.

  • Our team will go in and review the builds and award the winner of the best build

Phase 2

  • Aug 8th Full PvP and Siege starting at 11am EST

  • End of the day server will be shutdown and teams will have to notify us of where all their tame containers are located (to the best of your ability, coordinates will help)

  • Our team will go in count up the tames inside the containers, whoever has the most points win!


Grand Prizes

  • PvP First Prize: $60 Steam Card

  • Best Looking Build Prize: $60 Steam Card

Participation Prizes

  • All participants will receive a free key to LEAP


  1. You must build in the server “Citadel: All-Out Warfare Building Contest” between the event dates (Aug 1 - Aug 8)

  2. Builds can be done as a team or as a single player (please let us know before building how many are on your team, prizes will be adjusted for teams)

  3. Players are free to build anything they like, but will need to keep in mind that builds must be appropriate and adhere to Blue Isle Studios community guidelines (do not be crude)

  4. You’re not limited to creating a castle, the possibilities are endless

  5. There will be two types of grand prizes, the winner of the PVP contest and winner of the best build

*Disclaimer: This server will be temporary for the contest and will not continue once this contest is over

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