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The Mighty Will Not Fall Results!

The event was a great success thanks to all the participants, there were a lot of creative builds put together with a lot of care and dedication. While only one could emerge victorious from our all out PVP war, all of you fought well.

Building Contest - (PVE Event)

When I say this was a tooth and nail decision to pick the best build, I mean it. Our stream was an absolute blast with so many people showcasing their creativity - what a wonderful time! Thank you to all who participated, lets check in on the winner and honourable mentions.

First Place - Sharon & legenie

Please take a look at their build below, lots of creativity was put into this whole base, we couldn’t be more impressed with the level of building skills and the lore that went into this creation.

As you know this was a hard choice since there were so many creative builds in this contest, here are a few of our favourites and the runners up!





Now onto the PVP event!

It was an amazing week scrambling as fast as you could to build your fortresses, but the winner still had to be chosen.

EDIT! 1st Place winners: Shale and Neighbor!

We are awarding both your team and Lafian, Fae, DevouringEye, Isa, Azora, and Bee for the 1st place spots. Thank you all for understanding and participating! Y'all did amazing!

2nd place Lafian, Fae, DevouringEye, Isa, Azora, and Bee!

3rd place is Sharone with 13 points

4th place is Silverwarg with 2 points


I will be rewarding all participants who emailed me for the event with your participation prizes, for the winners of the PVP and PVE events I will follow up with an email about your Steam gift cards.

Server Data Available

If you want to continue your adventure, we have the server data available to download for either a custom game or a private server. Please leap into the Discord to nab the server data* *note this is pre-war (pre-PVP) so everyone's builds are still intact.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our event 'The Mighty Will Not Fall'. In light of these things, we learned a lot from this event and hope to increase the number of community events for this incredible community. When the next event rolls around, we'll make improvements based on your feedback.

I want to thank all our participants, you all did so well - we’ll see you again soon with some quality of life updates and bug fixes for the base game.

Until next time!

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