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The Mighty Will Not Fall Event Starts NOW!

Hello Magical Folks,

Our Citadel: Forged With Fire All-Out Warfare Building Contest has now started. We wanted to update you on some of the rules and details about the event that may have been missed in the first post.

Server Setup

  1. The event server is called “Citadel: All-Out Warfare Building Contest”

  2. The server will be a 100m throne range one

  3. Everyone will be auto-leveled to 60 to give players all a fair shot and no grinding

  4. There will be a 5x resource gathering in effect to make things easier

  5. The server will be PVE to start and starting August 8th at 11am EST it will switch to PVP and the raid time will be until 9pm EST that night.

Rules For the Event

  1. There will need to be a representative of a team or solo players participating in the event must send us an email with the following before Aug 7:

    1. Your IN-Game Name

    2. If you’re building with a team or solo (if building with a team please add their in-game names)

    3. Your coordinates for your base so we can go in on the 7th to check out the builds before the pvp contest

  2. This is a temporary server and will close after the event.

  3. For a dragon to count towards your score they must be..

    1. Inside a tame container. (this is to stop people hiding them around the world)

    2. Said tame container must be located within the leader's throne's 100m range.

  4. Teams are allowed to build multiple bases but only the group leaders' throne will be considered for "Best looking" and overall winners.

  5. The prizes for the contest will be split among the winners, so if you’re in a group it will be divided equally, so if the price is a $60CAD Steam gift card and you’re a solo player you’ll get $60CAD, but if you’re playing with 2 players you’ll each get $30CAD and so on.

If you’d like more details on this event, check out our previous post here!

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